Install the server

How to install youtube-dl-api-server

Using pip

Just run pip install --pre youtube_dl_server.

Then you can start using the server with youtube-dl-server.

From source

Download the source code and install the dependecies with pip install -r requirements.txt. Then just run python -m youtube_dl_server

Alternatively you can use pip to install it, run pip install -e . and then you’ll be able to run youtube-dl-server (you won’t need to rerun the pip command if you do some changes).

App Engine

You can setup an app in the Google App Engine by changing the application key in app.yaml to your application name. For using it you just need to do the API calls to It needs some external python modules in lib, you can download them by running ./devscripts/ (it requires pip and virtualenv)


You can also run the server on Heroku, you just need to setup and deploy the app and you can make your API calls to